Calculate through Multi-table Join

On the basis of a Standard Wage table, an Absence table, and a Performance table, to calculate the net wage of employees:
When calculating, use the below formula: Payable Weekly Wage=Standard Weekly Wage*(1+Performance addition-absence hour/40)+Bounce.
Standard Weekly Wage in Excel

absence data in business spreadsheet software

bonus data in business spreadsheet software

Since the data is stored in three worksheets, the Join operation must be conducted according to the employee number.

Resort to formula lookup to consolidate the data in the spreadsheet:

lookup in business spreadsheet software

Then, calculate the weekly salary payable:

calculate with business spreadsheet software

When using Traditional Business Spreadsheet Tool to handle the multi-table joining, usually, you will have to locate and reference through the complicated formula and it is very difficult to view or modify. If you have no skill to use formulas to locate and reference in Traditional Spreadsheet Tool, then you will have to process the data manually. Such work will be more complex.

Standard Weekly Wage

absence data in desktop BI software

bonus data in desktop BI software

In order to judge the join value for multi-table join, the cell A2 and its homocells will be set as the master cell in the three calculation cellsets.

Perform the join operation, join the absence data, the performance and bonus information to the first table:

join the three tables with desktop BI software

At last, calculate the payable weekly salary:

calculate with esCalc, the desktop BI software

With esCalc, the desktop BI software, you can complete many senior computations through some very basic operations, such as the multi-table join. Everyone can be the expert in the data computation.