Calculator-style Stepwise Operations

• Stepwise operation to solve the complicated problem progressively.

• Instant, intuitive and easy-to-use presentation of the result.

Below is the payroll of a company. Now select out the male employees whose wages are higher than that of any female employee in their department.


You need to first calculate the highest wage for female employees in every department. To do so, add a column to sort out the wages of female employees, and in F3, enter the formula =if(C3==”F”,E3,0):


The result is as shown below:


Calculate the highest wage for female employees in the summary row of each department. To do so, write the formula ={F3}.max() in F2 as shown below:


The result is as shown below:


Firstly, filter rows by gender to only keep the data of male employees. Select C3 to perform the filter with the following settings:


The filtering result is as shown below:


Secondly, perform a second filter to keep only the records in which the wages are greater than the highest wage among female employees. To do so, select E3 to perform a filter with the filtering formula and the settings as shown below:


With the filtering, the final result is as shown below:


The calculator-style stepwise operation enables esCalc users to calculate or carry out various analyses in steps according to their natural train of thought. A complicated task can be completed progressively in proper sequence. The result of each step of operation and action can be viewed instantly, and further operation can be performed based on the existing result. The whole procedure is intuitive and convenient.