1. Resellers/Dealers

To share the successful desktop BI tools with Raqsoft and you will grow stronger!
Raqsoft is now recruiting resellers worldwide to sell desktop BI tools, esProc and esCalc to the following fields and industries:

a. Financial data analytics

b. Insurance data analytics

c. Telecommunication data analytics

d. Retail data analytics

e. Military data agencies

f. Enterprise data management centers

g. Education institutes and agencies

h. Data recovery companies and IT service companies

i. Business intelligence consulting organizations


a. Firms with at least 3 years of selling IT related products to the above industries and fields

b. Strong sales team to sell through online, telephone, door to door and shows as well as exhibitions

c. Independent marketing team to promote esProc and esCalc and continuously inprove their local awareness

d. Provide and recommend Raqsoft with the local media, and exhibitions and product demand info

Resource from Raqsoft

a. High quality products and services

b. Dedicated and real time customer support

c. Ads design prepared in open format for your branding/logo

d. Marketing materials for products and services

e. Sales and coaching support

f. Discounted rate with partner determined market price

g. 12-year BI products development and sales experience sharing

2. Channel Marketing Manager


a. Develop new international partner relationships to achieve business target

b. Generate, commercialize and implement channel program and marketing strategy to motivate and attract profitable partners

c. Identify groups/organisations/sectors as suitable partner recruitment

d. Work with R&D, support and product marketing sectors to deliver joint marketing plan and package existing services to be suitable for the channel

e. Identify and develop new services alongside R&D that could profitably be sold through the Channel


a. 5+ years’ experience of software marketing to and through channel sales route including program generation

b. Rich first hand sales/contract negotiation experience

c. Background in recruiting and managing resellers

d. Degree in computer science or business related subject desirable

e. Fluency in written and spoken English and Chinese

3. Business Development and Sales

Raqsoft’s clients are statistical computing, database query, data analytics, and business intelligence users, and esProc (desktop BI tool) and esCalc(Smart business spreadsheet software) are cutting edge desktop application, they have a wide market including financial, insurance, telecommunication, medical, sales and marketing, retail sectors.

Duties and Responsibilities
Raqsoft software sales job entails sales of esProc and esCalc software in North American customers through telemarketing, online, mail and door-to-door.

A bachelor’s degree of one of the following professional is required, including computer science, information technology, financial, marketing and sales, or business administration.

Technical Skills
At least three years of experience on IT product sales of business intelligence, statistical computing, database management, financial analytics, etc., together with the expertise on knowledge of programming and coding.

4. Business Development and Sales Manager


a. Leading the development and execution of international marketing strategies

b. Identifying, qualifying, and recommending action plan to address new business opportunities

c. Establishing and managing both online sales and channel marketing team

d. Calling with the sales team of business associates at their channel

e. Identifying and developing new area segments

f. Handling Objection of the sales team of the business partner

g. Coordinating with other departments such as Product, operation and tech support Dept.Recruitment, Training & Motivation of sales and support team

Background and experience

a. 7+ years’ experience as a IT or BI marketing or business development professional implementing effective marketing plans and campaigns

b. Experience of working within the statistical computing, data analytics and database software or business intelligence sector and/or promoting solutions to those sectors

c. Leadership of a marketing and sales, cross functional team

d. Ability to provide business development director with day-to-day strategic advice on marketing and communications issues

e. An integrated marketing communications specialist – understanding and experience of the marketing mix

f. Experience in B2B and channel marketing

g. Experience in developing campaigns s to target markets

h. Good editing skills for online and offline promotions

i. Ability to manage projects and third party agencies/suppliers

Personal skills

a. Natural leader

b. Excellent planning, team management and organisational skills

c. Innovative, creative and entrepreneurial

d. Ability to set deadlines and adhere to them

e. Ability to keep the needs of the customer at the heart of everything they do

f. Drive, enthusiasm and commitment

g. Excellent problem solving and communication capabilities

h. Abundant knowledge in IT/technology, database and applications

i. Familiar with the business process of financial, insurance, telecommunication, medical, sales and marketing, retail etc.

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