Completing the result set step by step

Select two employees (one male and the other female) fr […]

Grouping the subtable

List the names of the employees and count the cities wh […]

Querying the subtable

Find out the first companies that the employees worked […]

Reference of the records associated by foreign key

Find out the male employees under the female managers. […]

Inter-row calculations on grouping subsets

Find out the stocks that reached the daily trading limi […]

Sorting and filtering the grouping subsets

Find out the student whose score ranks top 10 for all s […]

Selecting rows from grouping subsets

Select two employees from each department. SELECT * FRO […]

Selecting a grouping subset

Find out the employees born on the same days. SELECT * […]

Sort the groupings

Find out the department with the most employees and the […]

Filter the groups

Count the departments in which the average age of the e […]