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What is Raqsoft Distributor Program?

The Raqsoft Distributor Program is an invitation to you to join our company in distributing and/or re-selling desktop BI software and business spreadsheet tool internationally. We will devote to implementing this program to achieve win-win success on the base of credibility and mutual benefits.

What are the Benefits of the Distributor Program?

A. Increasing your profit by expanding your product line to generate more customer wins

esProc, as data source for Java application and reporting tool, is a development tool to enhance the computing ability for both of Java application and reporting tool.

esCalc is a smart spreadsheet for complex data computing for by MIS, CRM, financial, HR software / SaaS service and Excel users without technical background.

B. More market opportunities and enhancing competitiveness by technological innovation software with the most favorable price

esCalc makes spreadsheets more agile, flexible and powerful than Excel on computing with advanced Homocell model and multi-level structure.

esProc is database computing script with cellset-style script, agile syntax, instant scripting and innovative model transcending computing level of SQL .

C. Obtain added value to win additional revenue for your existing business

esCalc and esProc provide you opportunities of new revenue growth by digging the potential value of existing customers

D. Reliable sales, technical and marketing support

Our experienced team will assist you with technical support, sales and marketing issues including promotion materials and training, marketing promotion, sales strategy and experience to ensure your ongoing success.


The Raqsoft Distributor Program has certified partners specified in the following business areas:

Java (JBuilder / Eclipse & plugin, etc.) and database related developer tool reseller, reporting tool reseller/ related solution provider, Information System Integrator, BI product/solution provider, MIS reseller SaaS provider, small Office software reseller and so on.

Join the Program

If you and/or your company is in the business of distributing and or re-selling computation and analysis products or BI /OLAP tools, and you are interested in reselling our desktop BI software or business spreadsheet tool, please contact Ms. Daisy Ding via:
Tel: +86 10 51295366                                     Email: