Creative Business Spreadsheet Software for Data Processing in Development

In the actual business, data analysis and statistical computation as well as report preparation are required no matter for the management of inventory and human resources, or calculation of customer information and sales data. In this case, a tool which can handle different datasource like text, spreadsheet, database, etc. is needed in urgent. However, most of statistical computation software needs modeling before computation and analysis which reduces flexibility to meet analysts’ ever-changing demands. At the same time, complex datasource and abstract formula increase difficulty for self-service reporting.

In order to solve the above mentioned problems in business data computing and reporting, Raqsoft is going to launch esCalc, a powerful business spreadsheet software. The upcoming business spreadsheet software is targeting at helping analysts achieve self-service analysis and reporting. It will provide agility and shortcut to decision makers with its outstanding capabilities. Combining with the advantages of Excel while offering stronger ability on complex data calculation, this business spreadsheet software performs as an ideal tool for advanced analytics and reporting.

spreadsheet calculating

With the similar interface to Excel, esCalc performs business computation and analysis in a spreadsheet. But different from other business spreadsheet software like Excel, esCalc has its own advantages. With a step by step computation mode, the result of each step is displayed in the spreadsheet and can be referenced conveniently. Analysts can decide the next operation based on the existing results. In esCalc, all operations set temporarily without designing the whole steps beforehand. What’s more, due to the ease-of-use feature, analysts can use esCalc independently, no need of technical background.

In addition, esCalc works on the whole spreadsheet not a single value. Analysts can conduct various operations to the data in the reporting such as, computing, aggregating, sorting, filtering and grouping. Analysts are allowed to compute data and analyze data at their will. Similar to Excel, esCalc stores data in the grid, enabling analysts to conveniently and neatly design their reporting in the grid. Analysts can also modify data or take advantage of original data as well as self-plot the statistics chart.

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