Current Solution

Cumbersome and inefficient to use SQL for complicated computation. Although MDX offers a simpler editing style for complex computations, its abstraction model level is much higher, and understanding its statements becomes ever more difficult.

High-level Programming Languages

Advantage: Powerful enough to control the flow
Disadvantage: Application environment is complex
Disadvantage: Lack of the support for structured data, and the complexity is too high

JAVA, C#, C++, and other high-level programming languages have a complete mechanism for branch and loop and are flexible at data computation. However, their application environments are too complicated. To carry out a computing task, you will have to go through the procedure of discussion, development, compilation, deployment, delivery, and even other steps. Besides, the high-level programming languages don’t support for massive structured data. It’s not easy to operate on the record, set, dataset and other data type directly. Due to these drawbacks, one will get half the result with twice the effort and unable to accomplish a data computation task independently.