Data analysis Brings Different Sales Promotion in Festivals

Christmas just passed, New Year is on the way again. One special offer for New Year comes after another. Nowadays, festivals seem to become the best excuse for all kinds of products promotion. Sales promotion in festivals also turns out to be the golden chance for emptying inventory and almost all brands are crowded on the road of promotion. But it’s getting harder and harder for suppliers to attract customers’ eye balls. In this case, what should enterprises do? How to make effective promotion plan?

Currently, the main promotion mode is price competition. However, monotonous discounts, price reduction and gifts giving can’t bring much effectiveness. Most customers have ‘consumption fatigue’. Besides, drastic price cuts leave little profit for enterprises. According to marketing experts, real-time data is a must for enterprises to get more advantage. Useful information enables enterprises to make correct response for the ever-changing market. A recent analysis of XWH newspaper shows that 81% interviewees like to shop in Spring Festival and National Day. In addition, 14% trend following, 35% enterprises’ promotion and 50% holiday length are the factors which influence customers’ purchasing desire. Therefore, in order to make successful sales promotion strategy, detailed analysis to customers’ shopping habits and festival characteristics is inevitable.

Insights from these data really give good guide for enterprises’ promotion strategy. But how do you make the data tells you more? It’s definitely difficult for people who don’t have strong IT background or programming experience to conduct computing and analysis with traditional statistical computing tools. Emil Johansson took almost a year to complete his Lord of Rings Project due to lack of programming knowledge. Actually, with the help of an efficient desktop BI tool, time could be greatly reduced. He probably won’t take time to learn JavaScript and PHP if he knows that more flexible and efficient desktop BI software like esProc and esCalc exist. Because, such kind of desktop BI tools are very easy to use and don’t require modeling beforehand. Users’ real-time and self-service analysis demands are satisfied easily in this way.

Data provides reliable basis for decision making and market occupation. Enterprises’ ability of getting accurate information through computing and analysis and work out smart promotion plan becomes the key factor in festival promotions.

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