esCalc Advantages

How esCalc to do?

Calculator-style operation mode is adopted in esCalc

  • Accomplish the task step by step, present the result of each step concretely, based on which, determine the action of next step.
  • No need to design the whole procedure beforehand. All actions are determined tentatively. No technical person’s intervention is required in the whole procedure.

In esCalc, the calculator-style reporting calculation mode is adopted. The stepwise mode makes the objective for each step ever clearer, and users can no longer face abstract data structure. The result is presented in details, intuitive and easy-to-understand, not requiring any abstract ability from users. Through such operation mode, the complexity of data analysis is greatly reduced, and everyone can grasp it rapidly.

esCalc provide the rich table operation

  • Unlike the average calculator for data values, esCalc works on the whole data sheet instead of a single value.

esCalc is not a tool to calculate the data value, but a tool to handle the data in the report, calculate and summarize the data in the report, or perform various analysis operations such as sorting, filtering, and grouping.

The revolution from “train” to “automobile”

  • Enable user to self-manage the data
  • Similar to EXCEL

esCalc enables user to compute the data or analyze the data as they wish, so that the users are able to manage the data. Similar with Excel, the esCalc data are stored in the network. Users can not only design the report in the ordered network conveniently, but also modify data or calculate on the raw data, and self-plot the statistics chart.