esCalc Innovation

Innovative Models

• Explicit set

• Multi-level structured table

• Multi-level association

• Homocell model

esCalc is thoroughly set-oriented to make it convenient to perform the set operations, such as intersection, difference, and union. With the multi-level structure, business reality can be described in a better way and the real grouping can be achieved. Based on the multi-level structure, data files can be associated through join and union operations, and data merge can be realized. The data at the same level will be stored in the homocells, where formulas will be intelligently analyzed and auto adjusted and pasted according to their positions, and will be calculated concurrently.

Calculator-style Operation Mode

• Step by step operation featuring concrete presentation of the result of each step, and the determination of next step calculation based on the previous one.

• Unnecessary to design the whole route beforehand. What’s the next step should do is determined at the last moment and no technical personnel need to involve in the whole process.

• Different from the normal calculator for manipulating numerical values, esCalc works on the whole data sheet instead of single values.

esCalc adopts the calculator-style calculation mode. The step by step calculation mode makes clear objective for each step, and no modeling beforehand is required. The results are specific, intuitive and easy-to-understand, without much abstract ability to understand them.esCalc is not a tool to calculate the numerical values, but to handle the data in the spreadsheet. The handling includes data calculation, data summarization, and data analysis such as sorting, filtering, and grouping.