esCalc Licensing Policy & Upgrade

Licensing Policy

The esCalc Free Edition is allowed for unlimited times of portion for once download. It will work with a public and already-embedded register code. You can obtain the code from Download Centre.

The Trial Edition requires a register code which will expire within a month, but no limit for portion. Once expired, users can regain a register code from the Download Centre.

The esCalc IDE Free Edition and Trial Edition will attempt to connect the product official web server for counting the total numbers of users. If the connection failed (eg, when you are not online), the program will not be launched successfully.

Currently in the esCalc IDE Free Edition and Trial Edition, there aren’t any advisement embedded. But there will be in later versions without notification in advance.

Users can get a register code for the esCalc Standard Edition after pay for the license. The portion of standard license is not allowed, and the times are also fixed for installation.

The register code is required as long as you use any function of the esCalc standard edition. However, regarding some applications for integrating, the esCalc free edition can fully satisfy your needs, you can sigh the program file for free by email to

esCalc IDE Standard Edition will NEVER attempt to connect the esCalc official server.


You can get free upgrade under the same version, once we release a new update, you need to download the new install package from download centre again, but you don’t need a new registration code.

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