esCalc Purpose

Why still esCalc?

Shortcomings of Traditional Spreadsheet in data computation
Microsoft Excel,LibreOffice Calc,OpenOffice Calc are all the commonest spreadsheet preparation tools. They are easy to use and support the commonest data computation of almost all kinds. However, they lack the ability to handle the complex computations:

  • No data of set is displayed and therefore the computation on sets cannot be handled directly, such as the computation on intersection of sets.
  • No real grouping can be implemented. Once classified and summarized, hard to perform the further operation, and hard to analyze the data by utilizing the structure of groups.
  • Cell is independent with no linkage between cells, the massive operation is inconvenient, the summarization row or details row. To use expression in multiple cells, you can only copy and paste manually. The formula is a bit complex and only allows for manual edit.
  • Sorting, filtering, and other operations are not easy to carry out in the hierarchy.

esCalc enhances the computing power

  • Explicit set
    esCalc has implemented the set-lization completely for you to conveniently perform the set operations, such as intersection, complement, and union.
  • Multi-level structured table
    In esCalc, with the multi-level structure, the real world business can be described in a better way to implement the real grouping. Users can carry out any operation on each group and member in the group.
  • Multi-level association
    Based on the multi-level structure, various data file can be associated to implement the join and union operations between tables, and thus the data can be integrated.
  • Homocell mechanism
    The data at the same business level will be stored in the homocells. The formula in cells will be analyzed intelligently according to its position, auto adjusted-and-pasted, and the calculations in all homocells will be completed all at once. By introducing the concept of homocell set, the aggregate operation on data can be converted to various aggregate operations on homocell set, which makes the summarization formula much more concise and efficient, easy to compose and read.

esCalc Purposes
Simplify complex spreadsheet computation 

  • Reduce users’ manual operation and time
  • Automatic copy of similar formulas
  • Automatical adjust of formulas for the multi-layer data
  • Convenient calculation between multiple tables

Visualize data computation

  • From abstract data structures to specified and visualized data
  • Revolution from abstract scripting to computation with button / menu
  • Perspective shift from technical staff to business users
  • Grasped by ordinary users instead of technicians with high-tech expertise

Self-service reporting

  • Professional reporting including data access, design, preview and print
  • Total visualized reporting process
  • Wholly independently reporting by users
  • Complex report making by ordinary users without technical experience

Desktop BI

  • Perform spreadsheet computing, data analytics, report design on desktop indepently by business users.
  • Step by step computing for complex data analysis in the real business.
  • Locate, filter, sort, group, align, join and union between multiple tables to complete various complex data analysis and process.
  • Intellectualized formula migration realizing all calculations of the same logic all at once