esProc Editions

The esProc 3.1 is the latest available version.

Raqsoft may modify the policy for future version products without notification in advance. However, the downloaded and purchased editions will not be affected.

Basic Programming
Command Line
Cursor computing
Parallel calling
Server mode
Parallel threads limit
Mandatory official website connection
RTL distribution
Expiry date
Current month


  • esProc requires JDK1.6 or above
  • More function details please refer to esProc Tutorial
  • Cursor computing: Allow to create cursor to deal with large file.
  • Parallel calling: Allow to use call function to invoke program on other server for debugging parallel program.
  • Server mode: Allow to run as a standalone server to achieve parallel computing.
  • Parallel threads limit: max number of the parallel threads in one esProc process
  • Mandatory official website connection: The esProc free and trial edition will try to connect product official server for counting the total numbers of users, If the connection failed (eg, when you are not online), the program will not be launched successfully. But desktop and development edition will never do that. We will NOT collect any personal information from users’computers.
  • RTL distribution: esProc allows free RTL(Run Time Library) distribution except Trial and Server edtions. Developers can embed esProc’s Jar package(including the registration code you have obtained) and the program file(.dfx) into their own java application directly.

    Please contact with for parallel limit customizing.


Users can get a register code for the esProc Edition after pay for the license.

The esProc Free Edition does not need the register code.

The esProc Trial Edition requires a register code which will expire within a month. Once expired, users can regain a register code from the Download Centre.

Currently in the esProc Free Edition and Trial Edition, there aren’t any advertisements embedded. But there will be in later versions without notification in advance.


You can get free upgrade under the same version, once we release a new update, you need to download the new install package from download centre again, but you don’t need a new registration code.

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