esProc Purposes

esProc is born for the following purposes.

Online Query Analysis
esProc doesn’t require one to setting up the data base and cube model in advance. You can use and execute the instant data for interaction directly and mining the data result for deep insight continuously.
For example, Top n Clients Accounting for Half of the Total Sales in This Year.
For example, Stocks With 3 days’ Continuous Rise in a single month.
Data Preparation
esProc can save you from the cumbersome SQL/SP and provide the application system with ready-to-use data.
For example, Prepare the Olympic Games Gold Medalist.
For example, Prepare Test Data for Sales Management System.
Data Management
esProc has powerful data processing and management abilities, which make mussy data become clear and usable through Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) .
For example, Settle Outstanding Traffic Fines and Late Fee.
For example, Statistics on Sales Values of the Top 3 Salespersons Distributed in Respective Product Categories.