esProc Purposes

As a Desktop BI tool with more powerful computing ability and lower technical requirements,
esProc is born for the following purposes.

Business Computing Script
esProc is a desktop program, you can just run it once installed. It has an easy-to-use grid style and syntax, good at complex computing but with lower technical requirements, which are more suitable for business professionals. esProc can simultaneously access multiple databases, Excel and Txt files in the enterprise environment, and specifically optimize business data, which is an easy-to-use business computing script.

Database Computing Script
esProc improved SQL calculated in the step-by-step, orderly calculation, collection, object citations, in the face of such problems more handy. The calculated optimized esProc database of structured data more computing power, is a scripting language that solve complex computational problems in a database.

Reporting Datasource
esProc allows report designers to combine esProc’s excellent computation and analysis capability with the strong presentation function of reporting tools. It can organize the disorderly source data and directly delivery clear data to reporting tools through the JDBC interface.

Online Query Analysis
esProc restores the true meaning of OLAP. It does not require pre-data-modeling for your analysis goal, breaking the limitations of traditional OLAP and allows users to freely conduct bound-free data analysis. esProc can conveniently reference and process the prior computation results, breaking complex target into simple goals, and allowing the users to analyze the data following the natural business habits. It offers functions for real-time analysis and real-time computing, making users more ready to focus on business analysis.