Get an Excel Alternative at $0

Beijing, China: March 5th, 2013 – An Excel alternative on complex data computing, esCalc, will be offered for free to participants who write reviews or share their application cases (The application cases could be the usage of esCalc in a task or a function introduction of esCalc.), according to the announcement of Raqsoft. This campaign starts from March 6, 2013 and will end at May 6, 2013.

Participants will get various licenses of esCalc through different forms of participation, showing as bellow.

  • 6-Month License: Any participants can get 6-month license by writing reviews for esCalc or submitting application cases. The application cases could be text or video.
  • 1-Year License: Besides writing reviews or submitting application cases, participants also successfully invite friends for participation.
  • Perpetual License: Raqsoft will give lifetime licenses to the top 10 participants whose reviews are the most comprehensive and objective or detailed application cases.

When it comes to business spreadsheet software, the top one that comes to most business users’ minds is Excel. It’s true that Excel is very easy to use with visual interface, outstanding computing ability and excellent chart tools. But the disadvantages of Excel like poor support for structured data and weak capability in complex computing are still the headache of many Excel lovers.

As an Excel alternative, esCalc makes these problems no longer exist and dig the greatest value of Excel. Besides, with unique multi-level structure of esCalc, users don’t need to manually input formula one by one, because cells with the same business sense will automatically copy the formula, thus realizes batch computing. In addition, other features such as real visualization of data computation, professional self-service reports, etc. are also worth noticing. These highlights are really impressive, right? What more impressive is that now you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get this smart business spreadsheet software for free!

Users of esCalc and anyone who is interested in this Excel alternative are all welcome to join this campaign. It’s simple and easy to attend this campaign. Participants can free download esCalc on the Raqsoft official website and send reviews and application cases to: The earlier you attend, the faster you’ll get this new generation business spreadsheet software. Why not try now and see what achievements can this Excel alternative bring to you?

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