Innovative Desktop BI Software Coming Soon

Beijing, China: August 31, 2012—Raqsoft, the industry leading desktop BI software provider for data analytics and structured data computation is going to launch esProc in the next month, aiming at enhancing enterprises’ efficiency for decision making and reducing management cost. This tool is innovative in simplifying complex data computation and instant analytics.

All enterprises in every industry come across different data. Usually, these unordered data has little value before it’s been handled. Users must make data analytics and computation to get meaningful information as important reference for strategy making. In order to make full use of these data, a powerful and affordable tool is needed in urgent. However, the traditional BI (business intelligence) tools including SQL, JAVA, C++ and other high-level languages, either don’t have enough data computation ability or have high requirements for users’ technique skills. In this case, esProc, the desktop BI software is developed to solve these problems.

As an innovative desktop BI tool, esProc is ideal for computation on large structured data, complex multistep computation and meeting the fast-changing demands. Large structured data can be found everywhere, such as in database, Excel sheet and text files. With comprehensive functions, esProc is good at data extraction, data computation, data analysis and data write-back. In addition, esProc is capable of converting the abundant information in database to value with its complex data computation feature.

What’s exciting about this desktop BI tool is its ability for instant analytics. In the actual business, users’ demands always vary with the ever-changing external environment. The computation objective is often appeared temporarily. With instant analytics, users don’t need to model beforehand and the result can be returned instantly. In esProc, the computation model is innovative and the analysis procedure is simple and visual, which is ideal for solving the occasional problems as well as changing the original computational procedure to cope with the changes.

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