Multi-level Structure and Real Grouping    

• Through hierarchical design, rows are associated with each other. The multi-level structure can describe data in the real-world business more completely.

• Free and convenient grouping operation with outstanding performance and ease of use.

• It provides real grouping, based on which you can perform sort, filter, and other operations at group level and detailed data level.

In the table below, there is the monthly mean temperature (°F) of a certain region in a certain period:


Calculate the yearly mean value of the highest and the lowest temperatures. The result is as shown below:


esCalc boasts real data grouping which allows for multilevel grouping with no restriction on the number of levels, enabling users to group, dismantle groups, regroup, and perform other operations as needed. esCalc also allows manipulating data in various ways, such as sorting and filtering, at group level or at detailed data level. This can be really useful.

For example, you can sort the data in each group (each year) by monthly mean lowest temperature in descending order. To do so, select D3 to sort descendingly, and the action will be applied to all groups. The result is as shown below: