Online Purchase Instructions

  1. esProc series have four versions (standard version, professional version, DBX version, BTX version) For price of each version, please refer to the following table:
  2. Product Version set/Server Service fee/year Rental fee(one year/Server)
    STD $2,999 $599 $599
    PRO $4,999 $999 $999
    DBX $4,999 $999 $999
    BTX $9,999 $1999 $1,999

      The service fee covers email remote consultation and version upgrade. The rental fee includes the service fee during the rental period.
      Prices may be adjusted at the beginning of the quarter. Please check in time

  3. To become a Raqsoft partner or buy esProc products, please leave a message here【Contact us】
  4. Prices of SPL Server series (CTX Version, Warehouse Version) are not public for the time being. For consultation or purchase, please leave a message here【Contact us】
  5. If you have any technical questions, please visit Raqsoft Community to post questions.