Professional Reporting Software-Part IV

4. Support for various statistical charts

esCalc supports for 16 kinds of statistical charts including histogram, pie chart, and line chart. You can take the default parameter settings to render the data directly or set the background picture, color, line, font, angle, and other elements with more detailed settings.

Still the above example, to represent the sales by year and product with the histogram, we can enter the annual summarization formulas in D5:{D6}.sum(), as shown in the below figure.

represent the sales in esCalc, the self-service BI software

Then, insert a blank row before the 2nd row, adapt it to the proper size, and then insert the statistical chart. The settings interface for statistical chart is shown below:

self-service BI software-insert a blank row

The report integrating both the final statistical chart and the table is shown below:

report with self-service BI software

The 3D Column shown in the above figure can be converted to other figures, including: Column, 3D Clustered Column, Stack Column, 3D Stacked Column, Pie, Line, Curve, 3D Line, Bar, 3D Clustered Bar, Stacked Bar, 3D Stacked Bar, Scatter, 2AxisColLine, 2Axis2Line, and Radar.

All in all, esCalc can provide the professional reporting functions, support for the rapid report building, business-personnel-tailored data manipulation, statistical chart with abundant styles, and printing with pages and undistorted exports. It is the ideal choice for business personnel with needs to prepare report.