Raqsoft Organizes Training to Better Serve Customers

Beijing, China: November 13, 2012—Raqsoft, the leading desktop BI software provider, has organized training for its reporting software customers. This training lasted for five days and introduced Raqsoft report from various aspects, enabling customers to know more about the usage of RAQReport and development techniques of reports.

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The reporting software of Raqsoft has been widely used in Chinese market. As a formal and responsible company, Raqsoft always attaches great importance to its customers and arranges some training to customers every month. Since the company executives recognize the importance of thorough training for their customers to make their work more efficient. About 100 customers from different areas of the nation were presented the five-day training.

Raqsoft adopted step by step process to carry out the training. In the first two days, the basic knowledge of reports was introduced. While at the rest of training days, advanced design of reports was showed to customers, including irregular grouping, dynamic parameters and VBA, advanced statistical graph, etc. Besides, onsite technical engineers of Raqsoft answered customers’ questions and made live demonstration to solve customers’ problems which they met in their real work. Customers expressed their appreciation for suck kind of training, “We’ve learned a lot from this training. Our long confused problems are also solved. Thanks for your good service”.

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After the training, Raqsoft also provided delicious food and drink to customers. One customer said, “Staff of Raqsoft are so considerate! I like the food!” Jiang Buxing, the president of Raqsoft stated, “Customers’ benefits are our top concern and we want to treat them like our friends. We will continuously take customers’ benefits as our prior in future.”

In addition, with the continuous expansion of company size and advancement of technology, Raqsoft hopes to extend its service to abroad users. But it won’t give training to overseas customers just like it did in homeland. Because of that the products for overseas customers are esProc and esCalc. These two desktop BI software are very easy to use. Analysts without high technical background can use them well.

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