What is esCalc

What is esCalc?
esCalc is a brand-new spreadsheet software, a desktop BI tool, a powerful and interactive data computing tool.

Desktop BI Tool for visualized data computing

    A. Plug-and-use without deployment

    B. Support raw data from various sources

As a desktop BI tool, esCalc is specialized in various data process from database, text, and Excel files. It is user friendly, easy to install and use, and does not require high technical background. esCalc can operation functions like locate, filter, sort, group, align, join and union through menu to complete various complex data analysis between multiple tables. With the intelligent formula copy and conversion, esCalc can handle all calculations with the same logic instantly.

Calculator for structured data

    A. Step by step calculation without any programming

    B. Intuitive and easy to understand result presentation of each computing step

esCalc adopts operation mode of calculator-style to process the tabular data: the step by step operation can accomplish the complicated data analysis progressively; the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) presentation is intuitive, concrete, and easy-to-understand.

Professional self-service reporting tool

    A.Cell-style edit interface for convenient report design

    B. Support for various charts

esCalc provides cell-style interface for convenient report design and supports various charts for easier report access and beautified appearance. The pagination and print functions are also easy for report export. The report can be prepared and printed directly or published with various formats such as TXT, XLS, or HTML.