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Cellset-style script and agile expression

  • Cellset-style script
    esProc adopts the cellset-style script, and the cells are naturally located and formatted. The computation steps can be spreaded in cells neatly and clearly. The results of previous computations can be referenced easily with the cell name.
  • Agile syntax
    The structure of esProc syntax is simple and clear, with concise and rich expression.
  • Instant Scripting
    esProc supports instant operation. The computation in the latter step can reference the results from the previous and current steps. Users can monitor, analyze, and script at the same time.

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Innovative Model Transcending Computing Level of SQL

  • Step-by-Step
    The step by step computation belongs to the scientific methodology, that is, a complex objective can be divided to several simple and small objectives.
  • Explicit set
    esProc has implemented the set-lization completely for you to conveniently perform the set operations, such as intersection, complement, and union.
  • Ordered computation
    The computing of the top N, period-on-period comparison, and comparison with previous period is the typical algorithms related to “being ordered”. The ordered computation can solve a great many tough problems of data analysis.
  • Object reference
    In esProc, ”.” is used to reference the associated tables and fields. Such expression is simple and easy-to-understand.

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Innovative computation middleware

esProc realizes innovative computation middleware and can be considered as a computational service between application and database. Complete computation system and high-performance parallel computation provides core computing ability for computation middleware, while computation on external-memory and JDBC interface offers management and integration ability.

  • Complete computation system
    With the same complete computation system with SQL/SP, esProc supports data query, grouping, summary, sorting, join, etc. It also possesses rich and complete function library which is comprehensively supportive with database, local file and HDFS
  • High-performance parallel computation
    esProc supports distributed multiple-node parallel computation. Large concentrated quantities of computation can be shared by M esProc servers distributed in N servers. Node has automatic fault tolerance and automatic load balance function which ensure the good security and high efficiency of computation task.
  • External-memory computation
    esProc can read, write and compute external stored files with massive data, including local file, LAN files and HDFS files. Computation on external-memory can reduce the cost of database storage caused by temporary table, the storage procedure maintenance cost, and the management expenses by reducing flat directory via flexible file directory
  • JDBC application interface
    External application system can access the computing results of esProc through JDBC to solve the final problem of middleware computation. JAVA code, reporting tools and web application server can conveniently submit computing task and get results.