• NO data mining skill required
  • NO data scientist needed
  • DONE just one click

What is YModel

  • YModel is an automated data mining tool that allows one-click model building.
  • YModel is designed for beginners and programmers who are not familiar with data science konwledge.
  • YModel is a highly efficient tool which expends less human labor.

What does YModel solve

  • With historical data in hand but don’t know how to do data mining prediction?
  • Python? Professional programming language and so many libraries confused to use
  • SAS? Expensive, designed for statisticians hard for ordinaries
  • Poor model quality don’t know how to optimize?
  • Numerous data preprocessing methods? troublesome to use
  • Sophisticated AI algorithms? complicated to understand
  • Noisy data? Imbalanced samples? ......

How does YModel solve

  • One-click model building
  • Auto data preprocessing, algorithm selection and parameter optimization
  • Auto model evaluation, output the selected model directly
  • YModel covers extensive data science knowledge and experience, model quality is guaranteed
  • Data input
  • Auto data preprocessing
  • Intelligent modeling
  • Model performance
  • Model output
  • With YModel Auto-Modeling, data scientists & manual labor out, quality and stable models in


    1. Import training data and statistics of variables automatically
    2. Auto-preprocessing & -modeling
    3. Scoring on future data


    Case 1Personal loan default forecast


    • Build loan default model to evaluate users default probability
    • Give reasonable credit line to users
    • Allow line employees and managers to select data for modeling based on experience, and press forward the use of models among them
    • Increase rate of default capture

    Pain points

    • Find a reasonable data dimension
    • The impact of high cardinality and nonlinear problems on modeling
    • Select the right model or model combination
    • Avoid overfitting due to less positive samples

    Modeling performance comparison

    Auto-Modeling Manual modeling
    Modeler 1 1
    Time 5 minutes(data preprocessing + modeling) 2 months
    Model 1 1
    Data volume 100000+ / 28MB 100000+/ 28MB
    Model AUC 0.9728(test set 0.965) 0.957

    Model performance(test set)

    Case 2Precision marketing for financial products

    Customer group 1 Customer group2 Customer group3 Customer group4
    Modeler 1 1 1 1
    Model 13 13 13 13
    Modeling time 1.5 hours per model 1.5 hours per model 1 minute per model 2 minutes per model
    Data volume 1.34 million 1.55 million 6400 12000
    Cumulative lift Cumulative capture rate AUC
    First 5% 14.4 72% >0.9
    First 10% 9.4 94%
    First 15% 6.3 94.5%
    First 20% 4.8 96%

    The current purchase rate of the financial product is 1.72%

    1. The purchase rate of the first 5% data using the model is 14.4 times higher than that without the model. That is, for every 100 selected customers, 24.77 transactions can be completed. It is far higher than the average of 1.72 transactions per 100 customers.
    2. 72.0% of the target customers can be captured from the first 5% of the data grabbed by the model. 96.0% of the target customers can be captured from the first 20% of the data grabbed by the model.

    Auto-modeling VS Manual modeling

    Number of models duration Number of modelers
    Auto 50-60 2 weeks 1
    Manual Not suitable for mass modeling 1 week ~2 months per model
    (The actual modeling time is uncontrollable because it depends on the degree of complexity of modeling and the skills of modelers)
    A number of