• esProc is a programming language
  • Specialized in (semi-)structured dataMore efficient than SQL/Java/Python/R
  • More efficiency than SQL/Java/Python/RSpecializing in structured data processing
  • Suitable for multi-step computinSuitable for multi-step computation
  • Supporting parallel clustered computingSupporting parallel and cluster computing

Agile Syntax and Built-in Data Objects

esProc code - in accordance with the natural thinking pattern ...

Diversified Data Sources

esProc supports performing computation involving different ...

Parallel Computing

esProc supports both multithreaded computing on a single node ...

High Performance

esProc optimizes algorithms for structured data to support in-memory computing and ordered sets.

Outstanding Integration Capability

esProc is the pure Java product, with outstanding integration capability by nature.

Comparison with Others

esProc is a data computing language with the powerful table sequence and cursor data object.

  • esCalc is an interactive spreadsheet
  • Specialized in (semi-)structured data Powerful desktop BI tool
  • More efficiency than SQL/Java/Python/R Self-service reporting
  • Suitable for multi-step computin More convenient than Excel
  • Supporting parallel clustered computing Specialized in multi-level operation


Through the level settings, rows are associated to each other.

Homorow and Homocell

The data with the same business priority will be set in the homorow.

Smart Resolution of Formula

Utilize the settings of homorow and level, recognize the true objective of computation smartly.

Support for Set Calculation All-roundly

Full support for sets, and capable to handle the sum, subtraction, intersection, union.

Calculator Style of Stepwise Operations

Stepwise operation to solve the complicated problem progressively.

Multi-level Join

Handle the multi-level join automatically according to the level and master cell settings.

As an advanced desktop BI software, esCalc and esProc are easy to use. This two desktop BI software are very intelligent. For complex computing, this desktop BI software is ideal choice. Business users can learn this desktop BI software by themselves. With this desktop BI software, users don¡¯t need modeling. Compared with Excel or SQL, the desktop BI software is superior. This desktop BI software is easy to download and install. This desktop BI software also has totally free edition. Trial registration license of this desktop BI software is also available. This desktop BI software allows step by step computing.