Business Intelligence Suppliers: Are You Ready for 2013?

With the ever changing economy, the business intelligence landscape is also transforming. According to some predictions, the worldwide spending on IT will continuously increase in 2013 and even at the next few years. The growth drivers may include data visualization, big data, speed, agility, self-service BI, cloud computing, etc. Therefore, the BI suppliers who have these features will be more competitive compared with their rivals.

Business growth turns BI into a daily business processes. Thus demands for new generation BI software are increasing and agility one requirement for those tools. Many BI solution providers carry out technology innovation to meet this demand. Among these providers, Raqsoft, the supplier for desktop BI software does great job in this aspect. Its main products esProc and esCalc have agile syntax and are very easy to understand. Analysts can write the scripts in the grid very fast.

desktop BI software-agile syntax

Business intelligence was once the field of a limited number of experts. Even though more and more BI users are taking over tasks that traditionally were the field of the IT developers, the total number of users is still little. Because of that most BI tools like SQL and R are not suitable for non-technical users. Different from other similar products, esProc and esCalc, the desktop BI software can realize common analysts’ self-service demands. The reason is that strong technical background or extra training is not required. Since these two tools feature with ease of use.

When it comes to information extraction from an ever-increasing inflow of data, visualization is very useful. Some typical statistical computing software in this aspect include Excel, R, Tableau, QlikView, etc. esProc and esCalc differentiate from them with friendly grid-style interface and step by step computing mode.

No matter the above mentioned predictions are accurate or not, it’s obvious that the products which have those features are more likely to be accepted by analysts. “esProc and esCalc are well prepared for 2013. We have confidence that these two creative desktop BI tools will satisfy analysts at different levels,” the developer of these two products said.

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