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Catering to the needs of programmers and data anaylsts, esProc is a fast development tool for analyzing and processing structured data. It is also a dynamic language that interpretes code for execution based on Java and that uses an innovative computing model. The design enables both easier development process and better performance. esProc has a complete library and a lightweight structure, enabling flexible and efficient data engeneering.

Technological Architecture

Stengths of IDE

esProc IDE is the programming environment for data processing and coding.

Ready-to-use, easy-to-use & -learn

Various data interfaces embedded; minimalist design, simple syntax, natual grid-style coding, and easy debugging.

esProc enables Excel experts to enhance their data analysis skills as quickly as possible by facilitating the process of data retrieval, data cleasing and data representation in a scalable and automated way.

Rich library & Simple syntax

The tool for complicated computations

No need to write time- and energy-consuming nested SQLs. esProc has stepwise coding design that facilitates intermediate results reference; the table-like data structure and familiar functions make it easier to learn and use than Python.

Application scenarios of the Server

esProc server is a data computing middleware running on Java platforms. For engineering tasks, embedded interfaces are integration-friendly and service interfaces offer efficient scalability.

As report sources

  • Easier to write than Java and SQL

    Java and SQL, which covers stored procedures and intermediate tables, are common in preparing data for complex reports. esProc, with simple syntax, can realize cost-effective development.

  • Optimized reporting architecture

    esProc scripts are external files that can be stored along with templates in a file system. You don’t need to package and compile them with the main application program. You can just replace an esProc script with a new one without affecting the main application program because the language is dynamic for interpretation and execution and supports hot switch.

  • Direct dealing with heterogeneous sources

    esProc can directly handle data from NoSQL databases and files for report creation without having to import data into a relational database. This reduces workload, cost and risk of data inconsistency, and simplifies application architecture because it is unnecessary to add relational databases to get more computing power.

  • Performance increase

    esProc introduces a computing engine to solve performance issues caused by the weak computing ability of conventional reporting tools. It is embedded a series of techniques, including cursor-based asynchronous loading, multithreaded retrieval, stepwise control of execution path for SQLs, etc., to easily and effectively tackle performance problems that are commonly seen in builing big data reports, T+0 reports and reports with heterogeneous sources.

ETL batch processing

esProc can be used for ETL processing where it extracts data from relational or non-relational sources using in-memory computing, stream computing or external memory computing according to data size and time requirement. With big data, it stores data as binay files to realize efficient and stable processing and to facilitate task rehandling. Batch processing through programming is particularly suitable to handle routines with complicated logic and the script can be easily integrated by an external scheduler. The architecture is lightweight, easily scalable (from parallel processing on a single machine to multi-machine processing), and increases performance linearly.

Lightweight big data processing

esProc offers a clustering mechanism with independent storage and computing technologies, rather than based on the popular Hadoop system. It is a lightweight big data solution on small- and medium-scale clusters with several, a dozen of or, at most, dozens of nodes catering for small- and medium-sized businesses.

The deployment is simple, convenient, fast, flexible and controllable. It allows custom setting for an individual node to make better use of the hardware resources. By contrast, Hadoop is a huge, heavyweight system that is difficult to delploy and use with expensive maintenance and support, though the software is open source.

esProc cluster is a pure computing system opening to various data sources, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, files (including HDFS files). The computing result can be written back to the data sources or feeds data direclty to upper-level applications.

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