Professional Reporting Software-Part III

3. Support the paged printing and undistorted export

As a professional reporting tool, esCalc also supports for the print and export.

Still the above example, firstly, enhance it through differentiating the title, header, details, and other sections, adding the border, highlighting the increasing data, and the above-mentioned interlaced display. The result of enhanced appearance is shown in the below figure:

enhanced appearance showed in esCalc, the self-service BI software

Choose the print option on the menu to enter the print settings interface as shown below:

print settings interface showed in the self-service BI software

On the left section of the picture, it is the print preview section. Because the sample report comprises more than one page in this case, we can click the Next on the right to view the next page of the report, as shown below:

report view in self-service BI software

In addition to support for the paged printing , esCalc also provide the options of odd or even page printing, and the landscape printing.

esCalc supports for the undistorted export to HTML, TXT, Excel, and other formats. For example, the export in HTML format is shown below:

export files in various format with esCalc, the self-service BI software

The export in Excel format is as follows:

export in Excel, the business spreadsheet software

esCalc supports for the paged printing and undistorted export. It is a professional reporting tool for the business personnel.

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