Made-in-China Desktop BI Software Emerge with Outstanding Capability

When searching “Made in China” on Google, there are 1.6 billion results. How big the number is! This indicates that made-in-China has become a global phenomenon. But even now, when many foreigners talk or mention a made-in-China product, the words that occur to them first maybe “cheap and low quality”. In IT industry which was dominated by foreign enterprises before, such view is particularly common. However, this perception is not applicable to all Chinese made products and desktop BI software of Raqsoft is among those which break that mindset.

Actually, according to a recent survey by Li-Ning, a leading Chinese athletic footwear and apparel Company, found that a growing number of consumers in the United States are willing to buy products of Chinese origin. Nowadays, quite a few Chinese brands in different industries have gained wide acceptance and appraise in the international market with their unremitting efforts. Even more made-in-China products are trying to win recognition of overseas customers. Raqsoft, the leading Chinese supplier for desktop BI software is no exception and differentiates itself from other similar tools with innovativity and creativity.

Most of people like to connect cheap price with low quality. But “cheap price” not always equals to “low quality”. Raqsoft and many other made-in-China IT products are changing that old notion with high quality just like esProc and esCalc, the two self-developed and cutting-edge desktop BI tools. Their special script and step by step computing mode make them more capable and ease of use compared with traditional statistical computing tools like SQL and Excel. Besides their high quality, they are really quite cost-effective, as they not only provide the lowest price, but also bridge the gap between business and IT as well as cut the enterprises’ labor and management cost.

“During 12 years development of desktop BI software, we always focus on products innovation and creation. Offering analysts with intelligent products is always our top priority. Now we are pleased to announce that esProc and esCalc, these two desktop BI tools which represent the new generation of business intelligence software will bring unexpected experience to business analysts,” Jiang Buxing, the president of Raqsoft says, “We are confident that these two desktop BI tools will be a revolution from cars to trains on statistical computing and break the unfavorable stereotype of made-in-China IT products.”

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